Jam Thieves
Mandrake EP



1. “Savana”
2. “Machine Gun” Jam Thieves & Nymfo
3. “Mandrake”
4. “Mind Control”
5. “Moon Rock”

Early Dispatch Store Release from the 11th February.

Hailing from the north side of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jam Thieves has been operating as a solo act since 2020. Looking to build on his renowned versatility as a drum and bass producer working across various corners of the genre, Jam Thieves’ solo work usually centres around his iconic minimal style – full of funk, vocals and an undeniably upbeat vibe.

The title track ‘Mandrake’ is the perfect example of this new direction, building around a looping female vocal the track develops and drops into a heavy bassline roller led by the funk-fuelled staccato drum work that drives the tune through ever-developing turns. ‘Moon Rock’ continues this theme with more vocal edits and progressive bass modulations.

When combined with the head-down, tech-funk work out of ‘Savana’ and the guitar fused deep roller of ‘Mind Control’ the EP demonstrates the versatility of this talented producer.

‘Machine Gun’, a killer collab with label favourite Nymfo, completes this spectacular first outing for Jam Thieves on the label.

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