Space Talk EP



1. “Space Talk”
2. “Escapes”
3. “Desolate”
4. “Closer”

Known by many for his extensive back catalogue of high profile collaborations, Resound returns to Dispatch for a solo outing – The Space Talk EP.

The Finnish producer is an essential part of drum and bass whose releases span many seminal labels. His unique productions have wide-reaching influence, cementing his position as a true veteran of the scene. Keen to explore his solo output with this project, we are delighted to present this deeply intricate, textural work.

With each track exploring a different aspect of his creative inspiration, they are all unified by the driving, progressive structure and bass weight expertise that make a Resound tune instantly recognisable. Specifically mastered and mixed on analogue gear for that unmistakable warmth, the whole EP is a testament to his years of experience as a highly respected engineer.

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