The Feels EP



1. “Over It”
2. Kolectiv & HLZ – “Iron Tech”
3. Kolectiv & Wreckless – “Stop & Search”
4. “The Feels”

‘The Feels EP’ began life in April 2019 with the track ‘Over It’, kicking off Kolectiv’s return to Dispatch. The track marks a moment in their production where they were able to combine musicality and tech funk in a way they had always imagined.

Filled with a new drive and artistic focus the duo continued this energy with a session alongside HLZ in his London studio in the same year. This gave birth to ‘Iron Tech’ – on a beautiful summer’s day, true to dnb form, they wrote a typically dark techy number.

Further inspired by the session at HLZ’s, Kolectiv went back to their studio in the following weeks and started writing more music. Another collaborative session with Wreckless saw them smash out the most aggressive track on the EP, ‘Stop & Search.’ They knew they had created the magic they wanted, when the track was played at a sit-down rave in Brighton and Threshold jumped out of his seat and ran to reload the track mid mix.

‘The Feels’ was born out of a 130bpm project, increased in tempo and with a new moodier vibe the track took on a new life. With the addition of an emotional lead riff and atmospheric pads, ‘The Feels’ found its name due to the emotion the intro evokes.

A very welcome return to the label from the Kolectiv duo, this EP demonstrates their remarkable talent.

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