Nervous Jazz EP



1. “It is what it is”
2. “Nervous Jazz”
3. “Blurred”
4. “Dry Martini”

Dispatch Recordings welcome back SD to the label for the “Nervous Jazz EP”. Continuing his sonic exploration of jazz-fuelled breaks and traditional musicality, this EP captures a perfect fusion of modern drum and bass production techniques and classical jazz composition.

‘It is what it is’ sets the tone for the EP as the light opening riff builds to a heavy bass drop that rolls throughout, complementing the repeating refrain.

The title track ‘Nervous Jazz’ is pure jazz junglism – a breakbeat-heavy epic that packs lethal edits and distorted bass as the tune twists and builds throughout – serious choppage.

‘Blurred’ brings back the melody, contrasting bright keys and guitar riffs with its heavyweight bassline and crunched-out bottom end.

‘Dry Martini’ completes the EP in 70’s Bond style, late-night cocktail bar meets cop chase getaway as the rolling drums and distinctive bass line drive the tune on.

A welcome return to the label from this talented Italian producer, whose unique and individual sound keeps impressing.

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