Ben Soundscape
The Inside Eye EP



1. “Do It Up”
2. “No One’s Watching”
3. “The Inside Eye”
4. “It’s All Music”

Exclusive Early Dispatch Release Date – 15/07/2022
General Release Date – 29/07/2022

‘The Inside Eye EP’ sees Ben Soundscape return to Dispatch Recordings for a four-track release that reflects on his own creative process. It is centred around the importance of trusting your inside eye as your primary source of inspiration. Rather than being overly influenced by everything around you, creativity should come from within.

Fans of Ben Soundscape will be familiar with his use of vocal samples, and this EP is no exception. These play a big part in telling the story of the EP, especially on the lead track ‘The Inside Eye’ – “Every work you make has to be a surprise to the Earth, a seeing that’s never happened before.”

The same is true of ‘Do It Up’ and ‘No One’s Watching’ as they feature samples from one of Ben’s favourite TV shows. Aiming to create an EP that was both dancefloor-friendly and suitable for home listening, these two tracks capture the perfect combination of light and dark.

‘It’s All Music’ is perhaps the most minimal track on the EP with stripped-back drums and cut-up hip-hop beats, it adds to the mysterious edge that runs throughout this EP.

A welcome return for this talented Bristolian, who continues to hone his craft and showcase new production techniques.

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