Dark Sky / Endor



01. “Dark Sky”
02. “Endor”

Exclusive Early Dispatch Release Date – 22/07/2022
General Release Date – 22/07/2022

Dispatch Recordings welcome Judda to the label for his first solo drum and bass release for over 10 years. Having spent several years writing and releasing a whole range of different tempos and genres, and appearing on a number of dnb collabs, for this two-track release Judda returns to his dnb roots proper.

The opening atmospherics of “Dark Sky” set the tone before it slowly builds into a rugged, two-step roller. The contrast of bright synths and tough beats drives the track through ever-developing progression, this one rolls out perfectly.

For “Endor” Judda takes a slightly darker tone, with heavy metallic snares punctuating a rolling vocal sample that twists and develops as the tune progresses. Heavyweight soul that hits just right.

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