Natural Forces
Fragments EP



1. “Fragments”
2. “Zero Hour”
3. “Motion”
4. “Submarine”
5. “Sacred Ground”
6. “Divine”

Exclusive early release date for Dispatch Store & Bandcamp – 09/09/2022
General Release via all other stores – 16/09/2022

Natural Forces returns to Dispatch Recordings for a 6 track EP full of his unique take on minimal funk. The ‘Fragments EP’ is Natural Forces at his best – each track is packed with soul and emotion, a deep richness that runs throughout this exceptional release.

The title track ‘Fragments’ combines all of these elements perfectly, progressing through minimal rolling bass and emotive harmonics, setting the tone for the whole EP. ‘Zero Hour’ is an experimental journey through tense and looming bass stabs, taking influence from the legendary Noisia for the track’s distinctive hook.

The vocal throwbacks of ‘Motion’ continue the minimal soul and the pitch-bent strings of ‘Submarine’ give a nod to the many influential early Goldie productions. ‘Sacred Ground’ is perhaps the most minimal track on the EP, making great use of frequency-shifted mid-bass and vocal cuts.

‘Divine’ completes the EP with deep, musical emotion led by crisp drum work and nostalgic progression. Channelling another huge influence of his, this one is inspired by Natural Forces’ love of the classic Photek sound.

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