Departures EP (ft. Cern, Discord & Ewol)



1. “No Quarter” – Dauntless & Cern
2. “Departures”
3. “Solemn Promise” – Dauntless & Discord
4. “Dragon” – Dauntless & Ewol
5. “Past Mistakes”

Dauntless returns to Dispatch for the “Departures EP”. The Sydney-based producer delivers a fittingly titled release with five tracks inspired by the concept of change, letting old memories depart and moving forward with new beginnings.

The release includes collaborations with old friends Cern, Discord and Ewol – written when they travelled through Sydney. The title track “Departures” and “Past Mistakes” also play on the same theme, as Dauntless struggled to let them go.

Each of the varied tracks on this release is equally thoughtful and progressive; whilst at the same time being packed with that unmistakable Dauntless energy.

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