Keep Trusting EP



1. “Fix Your Thoughts”
2. “Lights Down”
3. “Ice Lakes”
4. “King’s Knight”
5. “Green Room”
6. “Messages Waiting” [WEBSITE & BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE]

Dispatch Release Date – 11/11/2022
General Release – 18/11/2022

Wreckless returns to Dispatch Recordings with the Keep Trusting EP. Known for his textured, progressive soundscapes and musical storytelling, Wreckless delivers another impressive release packed with depth and intricate melodies that meet technical drum work and contrastingly rough basslines.

The choppy, fragmented beats of “Fix Your Thoughts” set the tone for the EP, before the dark, head-down rolling vibes of “Lights Down” capture the late-night pirate radio energy of Wreckless’ youth. “Ice Lakes” resets the mood, with a glacial atmosphere inspired by ice lake skating. The angular groove of “King’s Knight” gave the tune the name, reflecting the unusual movement.

“Green Room” was written on the night Wreckless first played at a Dispatch Event, channelling the energy of the performance into this full-on tough stepper.

Buy direct from our Website or Bandcamp and get the exclusive track “Messages Waiting” not available anywhere else.

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