Rackle EP



Dispatch Release Date – 27/01/2023
General Release – 10/02/2023

1. “Clocks”
2. “Outside”
3. “Tropical Storm”
4. “Rackle”
5. “Vibra” [Beatport, Bandcamp & Website Exclusive]
6. “Sandman” [Bandcamp & Website Exclusive]

Brazilian producer Dizrupt may be a new name to some but has been making waves in the dnb scene for several years now. In this short time has seen support from Noisia, Bryan G, Dj Andy and countless other big names with his self-released music and releases on Odio Records and Fraktal Sound.

The title track from this EP was featured on Noisia’s Vision radio in early 2021, and forms the basis of this varied and impressive debut release for Dispatch. It was written on his Epiphone SG, using analogue effects and distortion to make the guitar sound like a synthesiser. A unique, experimental track with bags of atmosphere and progressive depth.

Fusing organic sounds and field recordings with synthesised sounds throughout the EP, Dizrupt delivers an incredible mix of rolling energy with technical and experimental production techniques.

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