Amoss & Fre4knc
Watermark Volume 1



A. “Planarian”
B1. “Warning” – Amoss, Fre4knc & MC Swift
B2. “Knetter”
C [DIGITAL BONUS]. “Animal Rain”

Firmly imprinting their legacy, Amoss & Fre4knc present ‘Watermark Volume 1’; the first in a series of devastating collaborative releases.

On their own superb, but when producing together, Amoss & Fre4knc are another beast altogether; an entity capable of untold chaos, with a proven track record.

A naturally formed pairing of two minds intricately in sync, the ‘Watermark’ series represents an outlet for the Amoss & Fre4knc sound.

The custom 12″ Vinyl is marbled in the same colours as the bespoke sleeve. Please note that due to the marbled vinyl creation process, every record will be unique and we cannot guarantee the exact mix of tones on your copy. Each will be as unique as the next.

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