Black Barrel
Keep the Beat Going EP



1. “Keep The Beat Going”
2. “Rocking”
3. “Combat”
4. “Let U Go”

With the ‘Keep The Beat Going EP’, Black Barrel unveils the next evolution of his unique sound. With much of the world on hold for the last year, he has been busy with a new production alias, Leo Cap, finding new inspiration to keep his beats flowing whilst working at 140.

He has tuned and refined his workflow during this process, changing his approach to sampling and combining this new energy with the raw passion for drum and bass production that makes his music stand out.

Taking part in the ‘Dub Wars Season 2’ competition during the pandemic gave Black Barrel an instant connection with the fans, communicating directly through his music during the intensely fought musical battle. Channelling this new passion and emotion into four tracks of incredible drum and bass, this EP is some of his best for the label yet.

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