Black Barrel
Rainfall Down EP



1. “I Wanna Go”
2. “Make It Feela”
3. “Rainfall Down”
4. “Please Stop”

Exclusive Dispatch Store Release Date – 23/09/2022
General Release – 07/10/2022

The ‘Rainfall Down EP’ sees the welcome return of Black Barrel to Dispatch, with four tracks that represent the deeper, minimal side of the Russian maestro’s musical output. Known for his technical production skills and is no stranger to an upfront dancefloor smasher, Black Barrel throws another curve ball with an EP that showcases his musical versatility.

‘I Wanna Go’ starts the EP with smooth liquid warmth, with sub-bass a plenty for this classy roller. ‘Make it Feela’ explores the depths of glitched snares and tweaks. The title track ‘Rainfall Down’ is packed with emotion, melancholy bass meets crisp drum and sparkling harmonics. ‘Please Stop’ completes the EP with its rolling bass warps and his trademark vocal edits.

Another standout release from this prolific producer, that might take some by surprise.

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