Dispatch Blueprints 001
Kid Drama


Introducing a new label, with a direction, we proudly present Dispatch Blueprints, with the debut release coming from one of our favourite artists; Kid Drama.

Taking a deeper, more old skool inspired route, Blueprints sets itself apart from the other Dispatch labels, with a stronger emphasis on organic progression and building the vibe from scratch, savouring all the intricacies and adjustments along the way. We’ve always been lovers of the roots / heritage sound that so many artists and labels have inspired us with until today so we’re feeling privileged in being able to showcase this sound via our new imprint.

Reaching out to the discerning listeners, with an ethos all too often lost in the impatient modern day; Kid Drama pays his due respects, opening Dispatch Blueprints in the best possible way, with two classic tracks with all the emotion of the late 90s.

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