Slow Burn EP



1. Brain & Dave Owen – “Slow Burn”
2. Brain & Novaglitch – “Aislamiento”
3. Brain & Asura – “La Forma”
4. Brain, Yatuza & Asura – “Wavetable”

Straight from the capital of Colombia, Brain is back with the drum and bass sound of Bogotá. Featuring collaborations with Dave Owen, Novaglitch, Asura & Yatuza, the ‘Slow Burn EP’ perfectly captures that unique vibe the city is known for.

For the title track ‘Slow Burn’, Brain collaborates with Dave Owen, a producer he cites as one of his first influences within drum and bass. The modulation and tone gradually build throughout, slowly advancing as the sample-based drums and low-end wobble rolls out effortlessly.

In search of new production techniques with Novaglitch, Brain stepped outside of his usual comfort zone for the track ‘Aslamiento’. The pair sought to channel the fury, anger and rage they feel towards the political situation within Colombia. Vocals from ‘La Tele Letal’ (The Lethal TV), an outspoken, nonconformist local television show, combine with analogue synth work to create this profoundly personal track.

Asura and Brain’s collaboration ‘La Forma’ delves deep into the exploration of frequency shifting and bongo patterns. This track was written during a hazy studio session and grew from Asura’s modulated bassline, completed with Brain’s precision drum work and arrangement.

Yatuza joins Brain and Asura for the final track, ‘Wavetable’, completed during Yatuza’s first tour of Colombia, travelling all the way from Argentina. Meeting only for the first time during this initial studio session, they completed the tune within two hours. Later the same evening they were able to test out the tune with the eager RE:SET crowd. It got such a good reaction it formed their long-lasting production trio.

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