Survival / SCAR
Dub Soldier (The Outlook VIP) / Call to Arms VIP / Do You Love


This special set of releases has been put together with the dubplate culture firmly in mind. Each release is shipped blank, with no label fixed to the record. You can choose to add the numbered inner sticker, or leave the record blank and keep the name of your secret weapon a mystery.

We should have a delivery date for each release any day (estimating first or 2nd week in October) but we've decided to get these up earlier after repeated request from you all to have these on sale ASAP.

This release features a vinyl only track “Call to Arms VIP”. This will not be available in digital format at all. You will be able to download the other tracks digitally, however this dubplate exclusive track will never be available in any other format.

Each vinyl purchase will receive free 320kbps mp3 and wav files of the available digital tracks. These will only become available to download on the Friday before general release and no sooner – this is the 7th of November as general release date is the 10th November.

The vinyl specifications are as follows

  • 180g 12″ vinyl
  • Full inner label & additional bonus sticker pack included
  • Hand-stamped, kraft card sleeve with protective plastic outer
  • Signed by all artists
  • Numbered ___/300
  • No re-press
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