Fanu & Mister Shifter


Dispatch Release Date – 20/03/2023
General Release – 03/04/2023

DISDUB022 is brought to you by Fanu & Mister Shifter

Available in limited edition heavyweight 12″ vinyl including a vinyl exclusive track.

A1. “Reverse Dawn” – Fanu

A2 [VINYL EXCLUSIVE]. “The Kingpin” – Mister Shifter

AA1. “Reverse Dawn (Mister Shifter Remix)” – Fanu

AA2. “That Dreama Trak VIP” – Mister Shifter

The Digital version of this release includes just three tracks, the vinyl exclusive track will not be available to download.

Mister Shifter teams up with his close friend Fanu yet again, this time on Dispatch Dubplate. Two producers who share a profound love of sampling and manipulating fresh breakbeats, showcase what they do best on this 4-track release.

“Reverse Dawn” from Fanu sets the tone for this release, its otherworldly atmospheres are matched with precision drum work and tense, driving bass. This track was the initial spark that birthed this release. When the contrasting remix from Mister Shifter arrived it was clear they belonged on the same Dispatch Dubplate.

Mister Shifter takes Fanu’s “Reverse Dawn” into bold & contrasting new territory by adding high-powered breakbeats (some courtesy of Paradox and Mako), clever edits, and a floor-quaking bassline. Many of Fanu’s ethereal & moody elements remain intact, letting the remix proudly showcase the finest qualities of each producer.

Vinyl-exclusive “The Kingpin” pays homage to the famed Blue Note-era sound, while looking forward with a modern production techniques and aesthetics. This track pulls no punches, featuring a devastating mid-song change-up that rivals anything Mister Shifter has released to date. Fans of HBO’s “The Wire” will appreciate the dialogue samples from which the track draws its name. A staple in Mister Shifter’s DJ sets, “The Kingpin” has received support around the globe from the likes of Gremlinz, Double O, Mantra, Ant TC1, Andy Odysee, and Djinn.

Capping off the release is old-school rave banger “That Dreama Trak VIP”, taking things back to where it all started by lowering the BPM and elevating the vibes. Drawing inspiration from the likes of 2 Bad Mice and early 90’s Moving Shadow, Mister Shifter gives us a modern take on the hardcore breakbeat and rave music that helped shape his musical foundation. Pitched-down Amen & Think breaks, Mentasms, and vocal samples combine into an anthemic, hands-in-the-air floor-filler.


The first 50 copies sold across the Dispatch Stores will include a Holographic Dispatch Logo Sticker and a Mirrored Dispatch Logo Sticker, on top of the limited edition Holographic Dispatch Dubplate sticker.

• Bonus Limited Edition Holographic sticker 12 x 3cm
• 180g vinyl (heavier and thicker than standard releases)
• Limited to 300 full-release copies.
• The artist and track information is left completely blank for you to choose to write on the inner vinyl label sticker or not
• Kraft card outside sleeve with sleeves holes on both sides
(no artwork but will be ‘stamped’ with a Dispatch Recordings label black ink stamp)
• Additional thick plastic outer protection sleeve
• Individually and uniquely numbered per vinyl
• No re-press (ever)
• Vinyl copies sold in this store include a free 320kbps mp3 or wav files of the release (excludes the vinyl exclusive track)

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