DISGENVIP005 – Genic & Trakker
All That Matters / Chonka (Black Barrel Remix)



1. Genic & Trakker – “All That Matters”
2. Genic – “Chonka (Black Barrel Remix)”

Exclusive Early Dispatch Release Date – 26/05/2023
General Release Date – 09/06/2022

Dispatch Recordings is proud to unveil its latest two-track release, featuring an impressive collab from Genic & Trakker titled “All That Matters”, backed with Genic’s remarkable “Chonka” receiving a brand new remix from the prolific Black Barrel.

“All That Matters” is a collaboration between Genic and Trakker, showcasing their impeccable production skills and deep understanding of drum and bass. The track seamlessly combines their unique production styles, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of melodic elements and driving basslines. “All That Matters” encapsulates their combined talent and creative vision, delivering a captivating journey through distorted bass and heavyweight sonics.

“Chonka” has been masterfully remixed by the acclaimed Black Barrel. With its combination of rolling beats, hypnotic synths and cleverly crafted funk, Black Barrel adds his own flavour to the originals rolling energy, infusing it with his distinct touch.

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