Jam Thieves
Boomerang EP



1. “Bling Run”
2. “Spike”
3. “Sunday”
4. “Boomerang”

Exclusive Early Dispatch Release Date – 02/06/2023
General Release Date – 16/06/2022

The “Boomerang EP” sees the return of Brazilian producer Jam Thieves to Dispatch Recordings. Set to drop on 16th June, this EP showcases his production talent and ability to craft tunes packed with minimal funk and heavyweight groove.

The EP kicks off with “Bling Run,” an infectious track that sets the tone for the release. With pulsating basslines and meticulously crafted drum patterns, this is that trademark Jam Thieves sound. Next up is “Spike,” a deep roller that showcases Jam Thieves’ considered use of tension and release. With its thunderous bass and snappy drum work, this track is sure to ignite dancefloors.

“Sunday” takes a slightly different approach, infusing the EP with a touch of soulful vibes. Melodic elements meet growling bass with a rolling depth. Finally, the EP culminates with the title track, “Boomerang.” With its infectious groove and undeniable energy, Jam Thieves delivers another funk-led stomper. From the crisp, stepping drums to the powerful basslines, “Boomerang” hits just right.

The “Boomerang EP” offers listeners a sonic journey filled with energy, groove, and undeniable dancefloor appeal.

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