Jabaru & Friends EP Part 1



1. Endorphine & Jabaru – “Humanity is dead”
2. HumaNature & Jabaru – “Elephants in the room”
3. NuLL & Jabaru – “Violet”
4. Optimus & Jabaru – “Belhota”
5. SubLimit & Jabaru – “Trapped”

Exclusive Early Dispatch Website & Bandcamp release date : 14/06/2021
General Release: 18/06/2021

We welcome Jabaru back to Dispatch for the Jabaru & Friends EP Part 1. Jabaru originally set out to write an album project but when finished there were simply too many great tunes and collaborations to fit into one LP, so this EP marks the first volume of the Jabaru & Friends EP series.

Featuring collaborations with Endorphine, HumaNature, NuLL, Optimus and SubLimit, Part 1 kicks things off in fine style. With plenty more to come we are proud to present Jabaru & Friends.