Ghost in the Machine EP


Always putting our faith in the music, striving to promote and develop burgeoning talents, Dispatch LTD returns in 2015 with an EP from Australian producer Lockjaw, entitled ‘Ghost In The Machine’.

Leading on from his debut release on Dispatch LTD back in late 2013, we’re pleased to welcome him back to the label.

Whilst on the surface a very technical approach to production, rugged and industrial, this EP sees much more musicality
at play, with sometimes contrasting elements carefully placed and arranged in a unique way.

The result is a sound unlike anything else around; both hard hitting for the club and thought provoking for the discerning listener; Lockjaw delivers with discrete grooves that keep you guessing what’s coming next.

Comprised of four tracks, the diversity is evident; each designed with very different outcomes in mind, purpose-built dancefloor weapons such as ‘Ghost In The Machine’ are countered by tranquil, hypnotic steppers like ‘Hesitation’.

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