Prozen/Infinite Realms/Timelines


Kolectiv make a return to Dispatch LTD in 2016, with their first full release on the label, following a recent cameo with Philth and the collaborative ‘Roots EP’ (2014).

Causing untold damage in clubs and on soundsystems this year, the single features three stone cold rollers, which have been tried, tested and certified.

‘Prozen’ kicks things off with a stripped back mix of mechanical growls, malign bass murmurs and tight drum work. ‘Infinite Realms’ is a no nonsense stepper, with pulsating low ends and Konflict inspired atmospherics.

‘Timelines’ closes the release with a case of dark soul; vocal snippets and subtle sax & piano flashes complimenting the lower frequencies, balancing between the musical and the maleficent.

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