M-zine & Scepticz
Nether / Obviate


The Belgian production duo that consistently deliver the quality, M-zine & Scepticz are back with a spate of new material; starting with two tracks on Dispatch LTD.

Naturally fusing influences from the past, with creativity stretching far into the future, a sound rooted in shrewd technical precision is authenticated by that raw and rugged old skool edge we love and treasure.

‘Nether’ demonstrates their visceral respect of these elements, executed for future listening. Tightly constructed breaks, dotted with amen flashes sit comfortably over vicious bass growls, contrasted by deep atmospheric soundscapes.

‘Obviate’ brings things right up to date; an explosion of tech funk primed for the dancefloor. With infectious drum work coupled by targeted sub lows striking the jugular, everything is carefully focused on retaining that essential groove.

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