Tephra & Arkoze
Evolution EP



*EARLY RELEASE DATE: 22/01/18 via Dispatch Website & Bandcamp ONLY. GENERAL RELEASE DATE: 27/01/18 for all other stores*

Opening the New Year with some fresh material, Tephra & Arkoze progress with their 2nd solo release on Dispatch LTD – the ‘Evolution EP’.

Leading on from their ‘Ascertain EP’, the duo’s development is clear as their sound continues to mature, delivering four rolling tracks with real character and depth.

The introduction of vocalist Charli Brix brings a soulful dimension on ‘Suddenly’ (first aired by Rene LaVice on BBC Radio 1) whilst Hillzy joins them for the haunting ‘Instinct’, backed by two further solo tracks, the infectious ‘Kamino’ and ice-cold stepper ‘The Shaman’ completing the package.

As Dispatch LTD continues to grow so too does the roster and Tephra & Arkoze are a testament to this, kicking off 2018 with great promise.

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