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Callous Vibrations EP



*EARLY RELEASE DATE: 19/03/18 via Dispatch Website & Bandcamp ONLY. GENERAL RELEASE DATE: 23/03/18 for all other stores*

Digital track list is as follows:

1. “Numb”
2. “Secret Weapon”
3. “Severed”
4. “Prophet”

After debuting on Dispatch last year with the ‘Ascension EP’, Bournemouth based Rizzle returns on a new flex, with the ‘Callous Vibrations EP’.

Turning up the pressure with four hard hitting productions, Rizzle transmits his unique groove to a dancefloor friendly format, cleverly combining vibe with vigour.

A milestone 50th release on Dispatch LTD, we are blessed to showcase emerging talents and producers like Rizzle are a true testament to the growth of the label.

With the EP dropping in March and a new release in the works, we are excited to see Rizzle’s continued progress in 2018.

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