Oscilloscope EP


An oscilloscope is a laboratory instrument commonly used to display and analyse the waveform of electronic signals. In effect, the device draws a graph of the instantaneous signal voltage as a function of time.

For this EP, Brain set out to explore the idea of the physicality of sound, and how comparisons can be drawn with the nature of sound and the wider natural world. Just like the frequency vibrations in a piece of music, every person has a different resonance of life – creating the noise of society with everyone fighting for their space in the frequency spectrum of the world.

The thing that glues us together in this timeline, you can see the waveforms in every expression of life and nature. So the oscilloscope represent that introspected way of thinking, remembering that we are energy and movement at the same time, trying to find direction in our lives crafted by the scientists of our “reality”…

Track listing

1. “Oscilloscope” – Brain
2. “Noisie” – Brain & Asura
3. “The Mountain” – Brain & Sequences
4. “Psilocybe” – Brain & ZeroZero
5. “Resonance” – Brain & Plus Fifty Seven

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