Pistol Whip EP
NC-17 & Dave Owen



Early Dispatch Release Date – 30th September 2019
General Release Date – 4th October 2019

Canadian NC-17 joins American Dave Owen for this 4 track EP from North America.

The rugged, stepping title track ‘Pistol Whip’ sets the tone for the EP, menacing and full of energy. ‘Picture Me Rolling’ is built around vocal cuts and rolling bongos. Collaborative atmospheric track ‘Suspiria’ with Creatures, provides a thoughtful break before “Cemetery Man” returns with the kind of rolling bass line that makes light work of any dance floor.

Track listing

1. NC-17 & Dave Owen – Pistol Whip
2. NC-17 & Dave Owen – Picture Me Rollin
3. NC-17, Dave Owen & Creatures – Suspiria
4. NC-17 & Dave Owen – Cemetery Man

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