The funk, The blues, et cetera EP


Taking inspiration from Italian musician Lucio Battisti’s album ‘la batteria, il contrabasso etcetera’ (the drums, the double bass etcetera), SD examines the vital elements of drum and bass with this EP, guiding us through the multi faceted influences that inform his production.

Be it the dreamy atmosphere and melancholic piano of ‘Since I’ve been searching for’, the liquid funk of ‘How you like it’ or the gritty drum led stomper ‘Stompbox’, SD ties it all together with the same jazz and blues sensibilities that give the whole project it’s unique vibe.

‘Acetate funk’ delivers the funk element to maximum effect with looping 80s sounds and funk drums tuned to precision.

A varied EP that delivers both musically and technically, SD makes a fine debut for Dispatch LTD with this 5 track beast.


1. “Acetate funk”
2. “Targets”
3. “How you like it”
4. “Since I’ve been searching for”
5. “Stompbox blues”

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