Scepticz (Ft. Gekkus Tonie)
Ikki / Forged / Relate



We welcome Scepticz back to Dispatch for the next instalment of the Dispatch Limited series.

Familiar to some for his production work with M-zine, this release sees the talented Belgian producer demonstrate the depth of his own sound. Two richly textured and beautiful solo tracks, ‘Ikki’ and ‘Relate’, were crafted in his first exploratory solo production sessions.

The release is completed with the minimal rolling sounds of ‘Forged’, as he is joined by hometown friend Gekkus Tonie for their first time in the studio together.

After beer and chocolate, Scepticz is quickly proving to be one of the finest Belgian export products.

1. “Ikki”
2. “Forged” – Scepticz & Gekkus Tonie
3. “Relate”

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