Ben Soundscape
Desert Swim EP



1. “My Business”
2. “Breathe” – Ben Soundscape, RoyGreen & Protone
3. “Instances”
4. “Desert Swim”

Dispatch Release Date: 09/03/2021
General Release Date: 23/04/2021

We welcome back the talented Ben Soundscape to Dispatch Limited for the ‘Desert Swim EP’.

Setting out to create something darker ‘My Business’ sees Ben explore heavier territory, something he is not known for in his solo production. Working late nights, uninterrupted, allowed this sound to take shape, the track taking its name from the vocal sample that feeds off the bassline, warping and distorting throughout the track.

The EP takes its name from the misheard vocal sample in the title track ‘Desert Swim’. Providing a theme and idea to the track, the idea of taking a swim in the sand reminiscent of a trip by camel across the Sahara desert, as seen in the artwork for the release.

The track ‘Breathe’ was made on a trip to Vienna to work on music with RoyGreen & Protone pre covid restrictions. Wanting to create something dancefloor but with a quirky bass hook. The end result of the regular collab session involved a lot of modulation, chopping and enveloping to get the bass groove going.

‘Instances’ is another deep roller, based on the Scorpio break – tuned it to fit perfectly with the pads and other elements in the track. It gave the track some old skool influence.

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