Black Opps
“Genosha” / “Kakabum” (w/Dunk)



1. “Genosha”
2. “Kakabum” (w/Dunk)

For the next instalment of the Dispatch Limited series, we present a two-track release from Black Opps, including a collab with Dunk. Aiming to recreate the feeling of better days and good times shared with close friends, Black Opps channels that positivity into two spectacular tracks.

‘Genosha’ perfectly maintains that same ethos throughout, mixing modern elements and an uplifting atmosphere, with simple bass notes and vocal samples as the track rolls out – reminding us of memorable parties and those yet to come.

‘Kakabum’ is a union of two great friends from São Paulo who, when they’re not laughing and talking nonsense, mix crazy things like minimalism in samples and arrangements, putting together the hilarious vocals presented in this tune.

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