Atlantis EP



1. “Atlantis”
2. “Gargle” – Sequences & Brain
3. “Only Me”
4. “Botulism”
5. “Champagne Bubbly”
6. “Dredge”

Sequences returns to Dispatch Limited for this his first solo release on the label, the ‘Atlantis EP’ – 6 tracks of deep, rolling, tech funk with a twist.

Title track ‘Atlantis’ sets the tone for the whole project, with dreamy atmospherics that drift into growling bass. The clever juxtaposition of this dramatic contrast hits just right.

With Sequences’ first outing for Dispatch being a collaboration on Brain’s ‘Oscilloscope EP’ in 2019, it is only fitting that Brain joins him to collaborate for ‘Gargle’. The epic introduction packed with suspense from eerie pads and rasping synths soon descend into paranoid metal funk.

Over four more solo productions Sequences completes the EP with the syncopated ‘Only Me’, the rolling dynamic basslines of ‘Botulism’ and ‘Champagne Bubbly’, before again perfectly balancing the light and dark of ‘Dredge’.

An impressive solo debut on the label, we’re proud to present Sequences’ ‘Atlantis EP.’

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