Neve & Crimson (ft Laitha)
Accelerator / No Love



1. “Accelerator”
2. “No Love (ft. Laitha)”

It’s with great pleasure that we present this special two-track release from Neve and Crimson. Both rising talents in the ever-expanding Italian drum and bass scene, this duo have long been friends and production partners. They list Dispatch as one of their favourite labels so we are equally excited for their debut outing on Dispatch Limited.

With a strict lockdown in place at the time of writing these tunes, Neve and Crimson had to adjust their usual close working practice, and learn to collaborate remotely for the first time. This forced them to consider how they worked, refocussing their process and making the very most of their hardware and software production techniques.

‘No Love’ features the vocal talents of Lalitha, who is a singer, musician, songwriter, dancer and spiritual coach born in Milan. In 2019 she moved to Bristol, the perfect musical and mystical place to experiment with the idea of combining ancient spirituality and music. This track was created in two different places, Italy and UK, at a time in history when the geographical distance was no longer relevant – a true international collaborative celebration.

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