Landmark EP



1. “He Said”
2. “Sky Come Crashing”
3. “Darklight (ft. Collette Warren)”
4. “Jigsaw”

Mosaic celebrate their first EP release for Dispatch and presents the ‘Landmark EP’.

Mosaic is a dnb collective made up of Ben Soundscape, Lawrence Dodge and Rich Kingsmill. Written over the course of a year, with frequent long-distance trips between Bristol and Yeovil, this EP marks a landmark progression in this exciting trio’s output.

‘Darklight’, featuring the exceptional vocal talents of Collette Warren, is an ode to the oldskool late 90s Bristol sound. Oldskool rare groove samples and funk breaks meet warbling subs for that authentic flavour.

‘He Said’, originally built from an 8 bar loop, halved and edited to create its rolling funk, is packed with angular bass and crisp percussion.

‘Sky Come Crashing’ takes its title from the vocal sample, matched with precision drum cuts and bags of energy.

‘Jigsaw’ completes the EP with its saw wave LFO answer basses, driving this punchy roller through fast-paced drum work.

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