Stay Easy EP



1. “Bomboclat”
2. “Stay Easy”
3. “Damn”
4. “Take Off”

Dispatch Limited welcomes Ezor to the label for this four track EP. This rising Russian talent has been making waves since his first release in 2018 and has been developing his sound with a wide range of releases on a variety of labels since.

Written during the lockdown as a way to handle isolation, Ezor focussed his energy on music production. The inspiration quickly grew into these four tracks, the mood of mild panic and unrest informing the title track of the EP ‘Stay Easy’ – a reminder to stay calm and regroup in times of unease.

Packed full of energy and unique flavour, this is an exceptional debut EP for the label. With deep, rolling bass, punctuated with clever vocal samples and crisp drum work Ezor makes an impressive first outing for Dispatch Limited.

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