Barrio Funk EP



Dispatch Release Date – 06/02/2023
General Release – 10/02/2023

1. “Barrio Funk”
2. “Precise Moment”
3. Sequences & Souldier – “Don’t Look Back”
4. “BS3”
5. Sequences & Slippy Skills – “The Prophecy”

Bristolian producer Sequences has been based in Bogotá, Colombia for several years and is a big part of their ever-burgeoning dnb scene. For his follow-up to 2021’s Atlantis EP, Sequences presents 5 tracks of funk straight from Barrio El Codito.

Deep, rolling, minimal funk done just right – Sequences delivers another stand-out EP with three varied solo tracks alongside collaborations with fellow Colombian Souldier and UK MC Slippy Skills.

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