Mind, Body, Spirit EP



01. “Mind, Body, Spirit”
02. “Prayers For Leaders”
03. “Lungs”
04. “Soho”
05. “Assam”
06. “Neopolitan (Ichthys Melody) – [BANDCAMP & WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE]”

Exclusive Early Dispatch Release Date – 07/04/2023
General Release Date – 21/04/2022

Wreckless returns to Dispatch Limited with another impressive EP. Five varied, tough tracks with serious bass lines and infectious, rolling grooves. Wreckless once again takes the listener on a journey through the soundscape of each track, covering heavier, dance-floor territory matched with his trademark atmospherics.

The title track ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ is inspired by the Oscar Wilde quote “Everything in moderation, including moderation” which guided Wreckless’ production process. ‘Prayers for Leaders’ aims to remind us that wisdom and guidance are needed for everyone, even if we don’t agree on political views.

‘Lungs’ is a sonic experiment focusing on the breaths in between vocals, making these the focus. A reminder that the real groove is in the gaps between. On ‘Soho’ Wreckless endeavoured to keep his production as clean as possible; after hearing a friend’s tunes in a post-production studio in Soho and wanting to achieve the same results.

‘Assam’ is an exploration of the drones which feature heavily in Indian music, and takes notable inspiration from the Beatle’s output during their Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s period. For the Dispatch exclusive track, Wreckless adds the Spirit to this EP, with a pattern inspired by the Ichthys symbol of his faith.

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