DISLTD099 – Finalfix & Six Realms
Virtue / Vice



1. “Virtue”
2. “Vice”

Exclusive Early Dispatch Release Date – 12/05/2023
General Release Date – 26/05/2022

Introducing the latest release on Dispatch Limited from Finalfix and Six Realms. “Virtue” and “Vice” are the two high-energy tracks that make up their exciting debut release for Dispatch – showcasing the combined talent of two rising stars in the drum and bass scene.

“Virtue” kicks things off with its epic atmospheric intro that builds up to a crescendo of electrifying synth stabs and hard-hitting percussion. The track’s intricate sound design and dynamic arrangement are matched with precision drum work and impressive depth that keeps the listener on a progressive journey.

“Vice” takes things in a darker direction, with ominous pads and haunting chopped vocal samples, leading into a driving bassline and frenetic drum patterns. The track’s intense energy and relentless groove are sure to get the crowd moving, making it a perfect choice for peak-time sets.

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