Locaste EP



1. “Stripes”
2. NC-17 & Jaise – “Thick As Thieves”
3. “Herein Lies A Liar”
4. “Sleeper Cells”
5. “Locaste”
6. “Slow Mover”

Exclusive Early Dispatch Release Date – 23/06/2023
General Release Date – 30/06/2022

The “Locaste EP” by Jaise is a project that marks his debut for Dispatch, and also the 100th release on the acclaimed Dispatch Limited.

Jaise’s intention with this EP was to veer away from a clinical and sterile sound and instead infuse his music with a human touch and emotional depth. He aimed to create tracks that would resonate with listeners and take them on a journey, with each song telling its own story and evoking a particular vibe.

The first three tracks written for the EP were “Stripes,” “Slow Mover,” and “Herein Lies A Liar.” These songs served as an experiment for Jaise, as he incorporated different chords and rich textures to add depth to the driving drum patterns and accompanying basslines.

The title track, “Locaste,” played a pivotal role in shaping the EP and securing its release on Dispatch. Inspired by tracks like Adam F’s “Metropolis,” “Locaste” possessed a flow, grittiness, and intense atmosphere reminiscent of the harshness of city street life.

The EP was completed with two final tracks, “Sleeper Cells” and “Thick As Thieves” an impressive collab with the prolific NC-17. Continuing Jaise’s exploration and blending of classic breaks, recorded human elements, and instrumentation to create a sound that was both authentic to drum and bass while also possessing a rich human element and intensity.

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