Kalpa EP



1. “Hagalaz”
2. “Antithesis (Alternative Mix)”
3. “Saturn’s Shift”
4. “Kalpa”
5. “Outside Of Time”

Antagonist’s “Kalpa EP” showcases his commitment to pushing boundaries within the drum & bass genre. With 5 tracks that bridge the gap between sonic exploration and dancefloor energy, this release is a journey into the depths of creativity, perfectly encapsulating the Dispatch Limited ethos.

The EP opens with “Hagalaz,” an abrasive and metallic track that exudes a Nordic feel, evoking a sense of cold, icy brutality. The name itself is derived from the Ninth Viking Rune, symbolizing destruction and rebirth – a representation of the immense energy required for positive change.

“Antithesis (Alternative Mix),” a collaboration between Antagonist and multi-disciplined creative, Loomis, is a deeply personal creation. Their shared cinematic vision shines through in this track, while the original stripped-back “autonomic” version remains a secret weapon reserved for those in the know.

“Saturn’s Shift” delves into the mythic energy and power of the planet Saturn, with its return to its original position signifying the transition to adulthood. The track embodies this transformative journey through its evocative soundscapes.

The EP’s title track, “Kalpa,” symbolizes creation and the lifespan of the universe itself. Antagonist’s exploration of these themes results in a composition that is both thought-provoking and mesmerizing.

Finally, “Outside of Time” defies conventional genre boundaries, offering a track that feels truly “outside of time.” Its widescreen vibes and unique structure challenge DJs to incorporate it into their sets, creating an experience that is both otherworldly and immersive.

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