Dispatch Blueprints 004
Honesty / The Morning


Wreckless brings us the next release in the Dispatch Blueprints series, with two tracks exploring the Blueprints formula.

‘Honesty’ is inspired by old drum and bass production techniques, when artists would use the offboard equipment available to them in the studio, pushed to its limit to inspire creativity. The bass is sampled from Wreckless’s own acoustic guitar, the intro made from voice recordings and the majority of the track made from manipulating these recordings.

‘The Morning’ was written with those late-night / early morning DJ sets 5-6 am in mind – when you leave the club and The Morning hits you. The feeling of the beauty of the crisp morning contrasted with the hardness of the bright cold air of the day is the inspiration behind this track, hard and beautiful.

1. “Honesty”
2. “The Morning”

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