Dispatch Blueprints 006


Dispatch Release Date: 08/10/2021
General Release Date: 15/10/2021

1. “1997”
2. “One Kind”

Firm label favourite SD makes his debut on the Dispatch Blueprints series with two tracks heavily influenced by the sound of the late 90s.

Continuing the homage to the old skool sound that shaped modern-day drum and bass, Blueprints 006 finds SD celebrating that magic period of peak musicality in the late 90s.

With its epic, cinematic intro and the return of upright double bass samples, ‘1997’ is a classy roller that twists and weaves its way through old school drum work and vocal samples – the perfect modern progressive update.

‘One Kind’ continues the same theme but with a nostalgic piano lead and a bassline reminiscent of the deep, early Matrix/Metro Recordings sound.

Combining classic liquid sentiments with the grit of modern drum and bass, SD delivers essential listening.

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