Rolling Through EP



Originally written as an exclusive for Sun and Bass in 2018, Rolling Dub became one of 2019’s biggest tunes with heavy DJ support across the scene. Back with another excursion into rollers, Trex brings us the Rolling Through EP – featuring the incredible Ill Truth remix and his own VIP of this dancefloor heater.

For his personal favourite from the EP, ‘The Lucky Ones’, Trex digs deeper; finding the perfect balance of stripped back, rolling dnb. Completing the EP is another monster of a track, named by his wife wondering what “Fresh Hell” was being concocted in the studio. Weighty, rolling magic from Trex – this EP is a must.

1. “Rolling Dub (Ill Truth Remix)”
2. “Fresh Hell”
3. “The Lucky Ones”
4. “Rolling Dub VIP”

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