Unreleased Album



We are proud to present the ‘Unreleased Album’, from long standing label favourite Survival, on the digital format for the very first time.

Originally brought out as part of an exclusive run of Dispatch branded USB sticks, the physical product was never made available publicly on any other format to buy until now.

With support from Friction (on BBC Radio 1) and S.P.Y. amongst others, we are pleased to reissue the release for 2018.

1. Survival – In Two Minds (feat. Christina Nicola)
2. Survival – Stay
3. Survival – Stars
4. Survival – Complex
5. Survival – Frame
6. Survival – Runner
7. Survival – Judgement
8. Survival – Boog
9. Survival – Detector
10. Survival – All The Same (feat. Christina Nicola)
11. Survival – I Believe (feat. Christina Nicola)
12. Survival – Prophet
13. Survival – Night Out
14. Survival & Silent Witness – Immortal VIP
15. Survival & Silent Witness – Oxygen


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