Zero T
Hurt Inside / Sonic Bionic



1. “Hurt Inside”
2. “Sonic Bionic”

Dispatch Release Date: 12/02/2021
General Release Date: 26/02/2021

We’re proud to bring you our next release from Zero T, returning to the label after 2019’s Dispatch Dubplate 013 and 2018’s Little Pieces LP.

Zero T’s discography reflects the diversity that his DJ sets have always shown, ranging from full vocal smoothness to more rolling, dance floor styles. This release is no exception, with two tracks ‘Hurt Inside’ and ‘Sonic Bionic’ effortlessly demonstrating his range and varied influences.

‘Hurt Inside’ was written with an early 2000’s MIST influence. The piano and vocal are the beating heart of this track, setting the mood perfectly. All the other elements have been kept clean and simple so as to not get in their way.

‘Sonic Bionic’ began with the harp loop, channelling a dark Wu-Tang type of vibe. From there the inspiration just flew – a Bristol style, two-tone ascending bass with hip hop vocal samples and scratches combined with a stepping beat. A simple, stripped-back groove – one for the DJs.

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