Dreamland Album


Dispatch Recordings proudly present ‘Dreamland’ – the 2nd solo album from Bristol based DLR.

Continuing where his 2015 debut ‘Seeing Sounds’ left off, ‘Dreamland’ is an album concept that reflects on the world today. Encouraging people to challenge the barriers and comfort zones we blissfully exist within, DLR seeks to resist the inadequate reality we are sleepwalking into; an inherently greed based system, where numbers govern art and culture, whilst popularity determines the success of social causes, as issues are picked up and dropped in the blink of an eye.

Musically, the album is honest, straight up and sound design focused, as DLR pays homage to the older styles of DnB, building on the genre’s core principles, writing his own chapter in Bristol’s long running heritage. A statement of intent towards soul and groove driven music, each track is personified by simple ideas meticulously arranged, as DLR prioritises the raw elements to enhance the groove and sub bass, allowing each aspect enough space to breathe and develop.

If you purchase the vinyl album you will receive copies of the digital album too, however the following three tracks will only be available in the formats below

DLR – Science Funktion – Only available as a download via the dropcard, not part of the digital album

DLR – Time Wasting, DLR – When Tribes Collide – These tracks are available on the vinyl, but will not be available to download as part of the vinyl or digital album items. Digital files for these tracks will only be available with a purchase of the dropcard.

Free Stickers and 320kbps mp3/wav of digital files available with every vinyl purchase.

Please note – Dropcard and vinyl versions of the album are now unfortunately sold out.

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