The Art of Minimal LP



1. “Art Of Minimal”
2. “Made In Brazil”
3. “Back To My Roots”
4. “Zumbi Zoo”
5. “Rag Doll”
6. “Diamond Head”
7. “Dancehall”
8. “Buyaka”
9. “I Can See The Future”
10. “BBQ”
11. “Ruffneck”

Exclusive early release date for Dispatch Store & Bandcamp – 16/09/2022
General Release via all other stores – 23/09/2022

Returning to Dispatch for his sophomore album and marking 2 years of solo productions since leaving Jam Thieves, Dunk continues to push his unique sound with ‘The Art of Minimal’ LP.

With each release Dunk has continued to refine and enhance his output. For this second album project, he has been able to maximise the impact of his new minimal sound, still packed with that unmistakable Brazilian flavour. Striving to maintain his own individual style, ‘The Art of Minimal’ represents his personal vision for drum and bass.

Building on the strong foundations of his debut LP, ‘The Music is my Life’, Dunk once again presents an album that incorporates his personality and life journey into the music, setting out to create a representation of himself and his experiences.

Deep, dirty and infectious, these tracks are that 100% Dunk sound – condensed and refined, as he pushes the boundaries of minimal funk.

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