The Music is my Life LP



Dispatch Early Release Date – 17/09/2021
General Release Date – 01/10/2021

01. “Acid Light”
02. “Garage”
03. “Mirrors”
04. “Open Your Eyes [Interlude]”
05. “Utopia”
06. “Gun Ball”
07. “Gold [Interlude]”
08. “Sunshine”
09. “Mambo”
10. “Black Jack”
11. “God Is Love [Outro]”

Get an instant download of Utopia and Mambo when you pre-order the album direct from the Dispatch Website.

‘The Music is my Life LP’ tells the story of 14 years of dedication to drum and bass production. Dunk’s debut LP is the result of many months of non-stop work, living and breathing the music – for the first time feeling he was able to deliver his musical vision in full.

Originating from São Paulo, Brazil, Dunk is one-half of the world-renowned Jam Thieves. He may be a new name to some, but he is no stranger to producing heavy drum and bass flows which push any sound system to its limit.

Working with complete artistic freedom in partnership with the label, Dunk was able to deliver on his dream of releasing a full-length drum and bass album, encapsulating his love for the music and the many varied styles it represents.

The entire album was mastered by the legendary Teebee at Black Science Labs. Dunk was delighted to receive a call from the man himself offering his full support and congratulating him on the strength of his production. A testament indeed to the Brazilian’s talents.

We are proud to present this spectacular debut LP – ‘The Music is my Life’, landing in all online stores this October.

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