Fokus, Ben Soundscape, RoyGreen & Protone
Frequencies Remixed
(Revan/Parasite Remixes)



1. “Frequencies (Revan Remix)”
2. “Frequencies (Parasite Remix)”

In June 2020 we ran a remix competition for the title track of Fokus’ first lead artist release. The track was originally produced by Fokus, Ben Soundscape, RoyGreen & Protone. The stems were offered up to anyone buying the EP and with the help of Ant TC1 and Mikey at Dispatch the team set about deciding which of the many incredible entries we received would be offered the chance to have their remix released by the label.

The quality of entries was so high that we found it hard to choose and instead had to declare 2 winners – Revan and Parasite.

Revan, known by some as one half of Ill Truth submitted this classy flip, changing the tempo into a unique stepper packed with his trademark sound.
Parasite, the production/DJ duo made up of Twisted & Akano, gave it a solid bass rework, with a bassline that hits hard.

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