What Now EP



1. “What Now”
2. “Escaping”
3. “Sub And Acid”
4. “Sequencer”

Dispatch Release Date – 25/11/2022
General Release – 09/12/2022

We welcome Genic back to Dispatch for another impressive EP, encapsulating their love for deep rolling basslines, funk and tech. The Genic sound continues to impress with every release, and this EP with strong techno influences is no exception.

Written throughout the last year, each track is the end result of vigorous dancefloor testing and sound-system checks. The title track “What Now” packs a sub that is tailor-made for bass bins and impressed on the first outing, a track that perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Each track on this four-track EP shows a different side to the Genic sound – progressive, rolling, technical funk done just right. Minimal groove and acid-inspired tweaks punctuate razor-sharp drums and deep bass for this welcome return to the label for Genic.

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